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    What’s Happening in Alternative Energy?

    Those of you who follow this site know that I am a passionate believer in lifelong learning. One way that we promote that philosophy is in weekly “Think Tank” meetings with clients. At Shields Meneley Partners, we engage transition clients in discussions that take them well beyond their existing knowledge base to consider trends in other industries and parts of the world that could ultimately impact their own.

    This week we were pleased to have Stephanie Kushner, CEO of Broadwind Energy, as our speaker. Broadwind manufactures, installs and maintains components for energy and infrastructure-related industries with a focus on wind energy — wind tower manufacturing, heavy steel manufacturing, service, construction, and precision gears as some of the areas of the business.

    The discussion was wide ranging supported by energy use metrics in the US and around the globe in all areas of production and use — solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, coal and oil.

    Here are a few facts to throw out in your next conversation to make yourself look even smarter than you are…

    • There are 56,000 wind turbines operating across the U.S.
    • A single turbine can power up to 900 homes
    • Turbines are only producing electricity 40% of the time — the remainder being resets, technology adjustments and quiet contemplation (OK, I made that last one up.)
    • A farmer can earn up to $7,000/acre leasing land for a wind turbine
    • The greatest consumer of energy is corporations
    • Wind and solar make strong economic sense and can be successful without government subsidies
    • The largest remaining challenge — and greatest economic opportunity — is the creation of “batteries” that solve the problems of the intermittent nature of energy delivery and energy storage

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