Unifying the Team

With the unrelenting economic pressure, market challenges and rapidly shifting priorities, leadership teams can lose their unity and focus.

All of our advisors have held executive operating roles and have experienced first-hand the positive power of team unity, and the impact when it starts to fracture. We know the warning signs and what actions to take to rebuild unity.

Our clients use us as advisors/coaches to talk through what’s happening, examine difference actions they could take, and to act thoughtfully and decisively. Every situation and organization is unique so there’s no set process. What we bring is our experience and wisdom having helped so many top leaders retain or regain team unity.

We welcome a conversation with you as soon as you begin to sense that the team is no longer functioning as a team.

What Our Clients Say:

“We have a $2 billion private equity fund that focuses on the business services, consumer, healthcare and industrial sectors. Our single greatest risk is hiring the wrong CEO to lead a business that we paid a double-digit multiple for, and that we now have to leverage so that investors can achieve expected returns. Our financial projections leave no room for mistakes. We needed to determine if three people who had been successful in previous portfolio companies could work together as a team to turnaround another acquisition. Shields Meneley Partners interviewed each team member, put each through a set of customized assessments based on what we had identified as key business drivers, and provided feedback to the team, each executive, and us. The team gained immediate insight into each member’s style and approach, and quickly grasped the synergy created by different skills and backgrounds. One executive was extremely creative and strategic; the second was an exceptional operating leader; and the third was a financial officer with a broad M&A background and exceptional communication skills. In a three-hour meeting facilitated by a Shields Meneley Partners’ psychologist and business advisor, they were able to drill down into motivations, values, communication preferences; styles under pressure, and who should own what decisions based on what they learned. Within nine months, they had turned the company around, and identified two potential acquisition targets that doubled the business.”

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