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    T.J. Graven Joins Under Armour as SVP of Global Information Technology

    We are pleased to announce that our client T.J. Graven has joined Under Armour as the Senior Vice President of Global Information Technology. Under Armour, Inc. (UA) is an American sportswear tjgravenclothing and accessories company. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland the company develops sportswear, casual apparel, footwear and a number of sport accessories. Its products are available throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

    Prior to joining Under Armour T. J. worked at Brown-Forman where his most recent position was as Vice President, Chief Information Officer. He is a graduate of Indiana University and received his MBA from Notre Dame. He has a reputation for converging business and technology acumen into risk-based strategies, prudent investments and business-enabling technology solutions with direct impact on revenue, profit, market share and corporate value creation. We wish T.J. well and know that he will add considerable value to Under Armour.

    Executive Turnover in April, 2015
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