Succession Planning

The absence of a leadership succession plan is a significant risk to business continuity.

That’s why clients hire us to help define the profile for their “next generation leader” and identify potential successors to the executive team by using our comprehensive assessment process.

Sometimes successors come from an organization’s emerging leadership group and sometimes our clients will go outside for new talent. Either way, we offer a proactive approach to ensuring for smooth transition when the time comes.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about leadership succession in your organization.

What Our Clients Say:

“I have been the President of a professional services firm for nearly ten years. I had been thinking for a few years that it was time for me to relinquish the responsibilities of my position. I longed to return to just doing client work. I am blessed with some excellent direct reports; I had thought that any of them could do the job. But, we needed to have an external opinion about who would be the best person as I was obviously too close to the situation to make a rational decision. The Shields Meneley Partners Succession Process helped us identify the best person for the job. I am very grateful for their help.”

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-President, Professional Services Firm

“We hired Shields Meneley Partners to help us develop a succession planning process for our Fortune 1000 company. It had been on my mind now and then, but our Board identified it as a must-do goal for this year. The Shields Meneley team interviewed me, our board members and my senior team. They gave us a structure to think about what we needed going forward based on our goals and strategy. We not only identified a candidate for my position, but they helped me realize that I had a couple executives that needed further development.”

-CEO, Fortune 1000 Company

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