Starting A New Role

Starting A New Role

Research says that 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months. Why? Fit, overpromising and under delivering, or differences with members of the senior team or the Board. We’ve helped thousands of executives build trust in those critical early days.

Our Approach

> Develop a 100-Day Plan to define “decision rights,” clarify performance expectations, and confirm your timeline for success.


> Define the culture, assess the executive leadership team, identify opportunities for early wins, and eliminate clear obstacles to your success.


> Earn the support of key decision-makers with feedback from your external coach who provides advice and support you in the new role.

What Our Clients Say:

“When I landed, we developed my ‘100 Day Plan’ so that I could quickly demonstrate value to my new organization. The hands-on, experience-driven approach was invaluable.”

—Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer