Recruiting And Succession

Recruiting And Succession

Costs associated with senior executive failure are enormous, and assessment can help you predict the likelihood of success. We focus on emotional intelligence and cultural fit in addition to functional competency, leadership and communication style, personality characteristics, success traits, areas for development, and potential blind spots. We also work with new CEOs to help them learn quickly about their new team to aid in timely decision making about organizational structure.

> Use an unbiased, external source to help you avoid the political fallout of assessing high ranking candidates when the stakes are high

> Ensure that you have identified core competencies, requisite experience, and those factors that contribute to a good cultural fit

> Create a solid leadership pipeline for smooth succession

What Our Clients Say:

“We had two exceptional candidates among the senior team who were also my peers.  It just made sense to go outside to experts who could ensure an objective result that no one could question.”

—Chief Human Resource Officer, $3B Telecom Company