Private Equity Recruiting

Private Equity Recruiting

The secret to successful private equity firms is the ability to identify ways in which a business can be improved to create value — through cost reduction, product or service innovation, M&A, or market expansion.  The key to value creation is having the right CEO and senior team with the competencies, experience and personality characteristics to lead transformation and growth.  We have assessed candidates for these roles for more than a decade with a strong track record of success.

For Promotion

Our assessment process helps identify and develop high potential talent as part of a well-developed succession plan. Our clinical, organizational development, and business backgrounds create a unique process recognized for the richness of the data and the practical, objective and actionable feedback.

Our Approach

> Identify apt senior executive competencies required for success


> Assess competencies individually and across groups to measure existing capabilities and gaps


> Work with executive teams to identify fit with the company’s overall business strategy and challenges


> Create individual development plans to bridge development gaps and strengthen overall team performance