Patrick O’Brien Reveals the Secret to Creating Value in Private Equity at Client Networking Lunch

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Private Equity | 0 comments

Patrick O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Paris Presents Inc., a global beauty company, joined us this week for our June Client Networking Lunch, sharing his story and successes with a keynote presentation entitled “Creating Value in Private Equity…How Paris Presents Became One of the Fastest Growing Beauty Companies”.

Forged in the crucible of a 30 year journey at SC Johnson, Patrick applied his business acumen to his own ventures, founding Patina Solutions, a widely successful management consulting firm that he now chairs, and later Paris Presents, a global beauty business that has tripled in size under Patrick’s leadership. In addition to actively nurturing these companies, he regularly shares his strategy and experience with others, as a frequent speaker on Digital Marketing, CEO and Private Equity and Leveraging the Wisdom of Experienced Talent.

The main emphasis of the conversation was the move to private equity and how Paris Presents became one of the fastest growing beauty companies. YouTube marketing, global expansion, entrepreneurism at the startup level, and building a seasoned team were discussed, with specific strategies and lessons pulled directly from Patrick’s career.


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