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    Passing of Don Perkins

    IMG_0231-1.JPGDon Perkins, our dear friend, and Advisory Board member with Shields Meneley Partners, died this week due to complications from thyroid cancer. During the more than ten years that Don served on our Advisory Board, he  served as a model of one who listens intently, thinks deeply and speaks to the point. Our decision making was better because of Don. 

    Don was also our model for executives who don’t  want to work at one company any longer, but are not sure how that life might look. Don was the person who coined and lived “a life of variety.” After retiring from Jewel Foods in 1980, he kept his family at his core and became involved in diverse leadership activities in non-profits, corporate boards, civic organizations and educational institutions. Throughout his life, he mentored hundreds and hundreds of people – from students to business people and political leaders around the world. In addition to his professional accomplishments and wisdom, he was one of the wisest and warmest men to have ever graced the planet. Along with his thousands of friends, we miss you Don. 


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