Improving Team Performance

Improving Team Performance

There are often rifts among members of the senior operating team, between the executive team and the CEO, or between the CEO and members of the board. If those problems can’t be resolved internally, we are called in to assess the issues and recommend solutions. We break through the impasse, facilitate difficult discussions, and coach the Board and the Leadership team on ways to avoid future breakdowns in understanding. If you are experiencing or anticipating this situation with your senior team, we are happy to discuss potential solutions with you.

Every leader we meet is working on this one. So are we. Assembling the right talent, having them function as a team, and guiding their performance to higher levels is the essence of leadership.

Leaders hire us to advise them and their direct reports on how they can become more collaborative and productive. Every team has a different dynamic, so we draw on the breadth and depth of our collective experience to help leaders and teams advance. Sometimes this involves reconfiguring the team to reach the next level of performance. We’re skilled at helping teams evolve and strengthen as mutual trust grows

Each team we work with is unique – we welcome the opportunity to hear about your team, where you’re headed, and to see if we can be of help.

What Our Clients Say:

“I am the CEO of a $4 billion public company and I wasn’t satisfied with the performance of my executive team. They couldn’t ‘think outside the box,’ we had weak succession planning, and our attempts to hire MBAs was ineffective because they had the analytical ability, but lacked the emotional intelligence to be strong leaders. I wanted an objective approach to evaluating internal and external candidates so that we could build a management pipeline. For several years we force-ranked each position and exited those who didn’t measure up using a 360 assessment tool. Theoretically, we were working with the best and the brightest, but operating performance didn’t show it. That’s when I was introduced to Shields Meneley Partners. Dan DeWitt first assessed eight senior executives using a set of validated instruments, one-on-one interviews, and customized case studies to measure critical thinking, management, leadership skills, and personality. He predicted our top, middle and low performers with 100% accuracy. We then assessed 24 more executives and made Dan a part of our interview team for all final senior hires. We have since benchmarked high-performing characteristics against a proprietary database of 250 elite executives and developed our own proprietary performance profiles. We started seeing results almost immediately. We reduced hiring costs, improved operating performance, and have established a new level of performance and accountability in the organization.

Gail Meneley and Hugh Shields led a corporate Leadership Development Program that included the top executive team and 11 ‘high potentials’ from all parts of our organization. I was leading one of the few business units that had the capacity for growth, so the pressure was intense. The 360° feedback from my boss, peers, and subordinates pointed out things that I needed to change — fast — if my team was going to be successful. We created a development plan that related directly to my business. And I had ongoing advice and counsel from someone who had been a CEO, who didn’t shy away from ‘straight talk,’ and who guided me through strategic business issues when I needed it. Sometimes, she simply listened as I worked through problems. We hit EBITDA goals for the first time in 10 years, executed a $500 million deal that took the company from #3 to #1 in the market, launched new products, and reduced manufacturing costs 13%!”

-Vice President, Health Care

“I was brought into a high-growth software company as President and COO to lead an IPO that collapsed at the 11th hour. I inherited a group of young, smart, entrepreneurs who hadn’t learned to play as a team. Revenue had tanked, but we knew we could generate much higher returns if the team could develop a more effective, integrated strategy. Hugh facilitated an intense eight-hour ‘straight talk’ session to break down communication barriers, examine differences in style and approach, uncover operational problems, and define the kind of organization we wanted to build. We created individual action plans to fill in critical knowledge and behavioral gaps — plans that linked directly to critical business initiatives.” We were able to lead our business to record-breaking results. We increased revenue 25% and profitability by 60%. Accountability now permeates every level in the organization.”

-President and Chief Operating Officer, $100 Million Software Company

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