Our Assessment Process

Our Assessment Process

Within every organization, there are vast pockets of untapped potential, including at the leadership level. Even when a senior executive has a solid strategy and vision for the company, how can that strategy and vision be mobilized into real concepts the entire business can fully appreciate and be inspired by?

At Shields Meneley, our assessment process can efficiently measure the likelihood of success based on current performance expectations and existing competencies of the team.

Once identified, we then focus on the very best opportunities to fill these performance gaps.

Finally, we support our executive assessments with ongoing coaching that holds leaders accountable for meeting their goals to drive the organization forward.

Changing The Organization. One Individual At A Time.

A group of executives who have been able to tap into their greatest strengths while further developing their skill set makes for an organization with real momentum. To achieve that kind of direction, each senior executive partners with an executive coach provided by Shields Meneley who has been successful in the executive suite and the boardroom. This coach will ensure that the executive’s goals, timelines and outcomes aren’t put off for days, weeks and months at a time. They’ll stay front and center so the executive can keep the commitment to themselves of achieving continued growth and success.

What Our Clients Say:

“It didn’t occur to me that I could have more than one role after I left my organization. Hugh helped me see my options, research and structure a roadmap, and introduced me to his high level contacts. I am now on two public boards and one non-profit.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, $50B Global Corporation