As organizational leaders discover more about Shields Meneley Partners, they are confident that they have found the ideal service to help top executives transition to the next phase of their careers and lives.

We understand the landscape of the executive suite and the boardroom and recognize that the risk/reward nature of such roles. Ours is a holistic solution designed for leaders who have contributed to the organization.

We also understand the potential ramifications of separating a top executive from your organization. It is a major issue and can be a very public one that can impact your organization’s reputation. Entrusting Shields Meneley Partners to support exiting executives speaks well of your organization and transitioning executives recognize that you have provided the premier service to them at a difficult time.

Although top executives have enjoyed long, successful careers and will likely move on to similar roles, that isn’t how it feels. They feel they have failed. They are embarrassed, and have no context in which to view such an event. In this emotionally-charged moment in time, Shields Meneley Partners couldn’t be a better resource for confidential advice and counsel.

We recognize that those who made or communicated this major decision are also impacted. Many sleepless nights often precede such an event accompanied by guilt about what might have been done to prevent it. If you are the one in that position, you will feel less guilt, because they will be in the hands of the very best. Experienced, empathetic, advisors at Shields Meneley Partners will focus on their immediate needs and enable them to see the future in a more balanced way.

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What Our Clients Say:

“It didn’t occur to me that I could have more than one role after I left my organization. Hugh helped me see my options, research and structure a roadmap, and introduced me to his high level contacts. I am now on two public boards and one non-profit.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, $50B Global Corporation