Services for Organizations and Individuals

Sevices for Organizations

At Shields Meneley we understand the landscape of the executive suite and the boardroom and recognize that the risk/reward nature of such roles. Ours is a holistic solution designed for leaders who have contributed to the organization.

We offer a broad suite of services from Executive Transition, to Coaching and Development as well as assessment.  We understand the potential ramifications of separating a top executive from your organization. It is a major issue and can be a very public one that can impact your organization’s reputation. Entrusting Shields Meneley to support exiting executives speaks well of your organization and transitioning executives recognize that you have provided the premier service to them at a difficult time.

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Services for Individuals

 When you walk through the door at Shields Meneley, we will listen so that we fully understand what brought you in to see us and the major challenges you are facing.

We will ask our fair share of questions, too. Like, such as: what are you most concerned about right now? How are you feeling about recent events? Are you worried about financial issues? Are family members and close friends aware of what has happened, or are you looking for advice on how to handle those delicate conversations?

As we learn more about your values, priorities and goals, we can explain how the many ways we can support you. This is only the first of many conversations that will lay the groundwork for defining exactly what you might want to do next.

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What Our Clients Say:

“It didn’t occur to me that I could have more than one role after I left my organization. Hugh helped me see my options, research and structure a roadmap, and introduced me to his high level contacts. I am now on two public boards and one non-profit.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, $50B Global Corporation