On Boarding

18 months can seem like a very long time to accomplish one’s goals as a leader. Unfortunately, reality paints a far different picture. Research shows that 40% of new leaders don’t succeed beyond 18 months in the role. There can be a myriad of reasons why. Some believe that what worked in a prior environment can surely work in their new one (wrong). Others have issues with collaboration and opening up the floor to fresh ideas outside of the C-suite.

In these cases and many others like them, at Shields Meneley Partners we believe more leaders can be on-boarded successfully when they have an aggressive and focused plan for establishing relationships and trust early on. So they can hit the ground running with confidence and clarity.

We accomplish this with three critical steps:

    1. We’ll develop a 100-Day Plan that communicates your expectations of performance and the timeline by which you measure success.
    2. What kind of culture do we have today? How do we want to define our culture tomorrow and where do the gaps lie? It’s at this crucial phase that we can identify inroads to building rapport and achieving several early wins. We’ll help assess if all the “right people are on the bus” as far as your executive team. In addition, as certain obstacles may present themselves, we’ll attack those head-on and work toward removing them.
    3. No executive can be a marvelous success on their own. It takes legitimate buy-in from other key decision-makers who believe you’re going to achieve great things for the long-term. We’ll work closely with you to strategize how to build and earn support from these critical stakeholders within your new role.

What Our Clients Say:

“When I landed, we developed my ‘100 Day Plan’ so that I could quickly demonstrate value to my new organization. The hands-on, experience-driven approach was invaluable.”

—Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer