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    Nick Rench

    Nick Rench who was our Research Analyst for over 15 years passed away recently. We had worked with Nick both at the Center for Executive Options and again when he joined us at Shields Meneley Partners. Prior to this work, Nick was CIO at GTE Electrical Products. Nick was committed to providing our staff and clients with deep and comprehensive research to support their job Nick Renchsearch. He has been an important team member in helping our firm develop a strong reputation for a focus on the individual and a unique program for helping our clients identify and obtain the job that they desire. But, beyond his excellent research work, it was Nick’s enthusiasm for life that was particularly infectious to those that knew him. In particular, Nick was passionate about fishing! He often sent us pictures like that seen at the right and would regale us with wonderful stories about his fishing trips to Florida and his favorite fly-fishing stream in Montana. Nick, we will miss you.

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