New Beginning

You’ve worked hard to reach this point: the offer. However, an offer is just the beginning. Shields Meneley advisors work behind the scenes to help you negotiate that offer so that it meets your needs and expectations. This includes a customized compensation study, referral to an experienced employment lawyer for contract review, and offering counsel along the way.

100-Day On-Boarding Plan

We haven’t come this far in building our relationship to say goodbye when you land. Far from it. We help you develop a 100-Day On-Boarding Plan that allows you to talk to your CEO or Board on day one to align expectations. We stay in close touch during that first 100 days, and then meet formally for a progress review to see how things are going. Throughout this period, we can discuss ways in which you address unforeseen people or process issues, and meet these challenges head on.

For getting ready, getting out there and entering a new beginning as seamlessly as possible, nobody has a process to cover so many potential areas of a transition as extensively as Shields Meneley.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a highly successful financial executive for a global bank and am now a gallery owner. Shields Meneley Partners helped me realize that integrating one’s values, life, and career was worth any risk it demanded.”

— An International Finance Executive