Managing CEO Succession

Managing CEO Succession

The successful transition of a Chief Executive Officer is one of the most challenging and important responsibilities of a Board. Having a transition plan in place ensures a measured, orderly change. Unfortunately, some changes in CEOs happen under far less favorable conditions. We are equally prepared and experienced to help you develop a plan that can be approved and deployed immediately. Please call us if you are facing this issue.

> Construct a CEO succession plan backed by planning and diligence

> Identify age and experience gaps that must be bridged to ensure continuity

> Confidentially identify someone who could serve as Interim CEO to provide stability

What Our Clients Say:

“The CEO of a public company began to act erratically and was out of touch for longer periods of time.  It was clear that the Board had to take action.  I brought in Shields Meneley Partners to help the Board manage through this very sensitive situation.”

—Confidential Board Advisor and Chair of a Global Law Firm