Managing Board Dysfunction

Managing Board Dysfunction

Boards can fracture as the result of undue influence of a single board member, a subset of members, or an entire board with a hidden agenda. Board Chairs and Lead Directors hire us to resolve dysfunction and focus the board on corporate performance and shareholder value. They appreciate the perspective our experienced advisors bring from the executive suite and the boardroom. Tell us about your board’s goals and challenges.


> Identify the “first among equals” voices that can sway decision making


> Interview board members individually to uncover interests, concerns, and potential conflicts


> Explore strategic differences and review “decision rights” with board members

What Our Clients Say:

“Board cultures are specific and ingrained. Long tenured board members treated new members like a ‘virus’ and attempted to reject them. Bob Ryan helped me develop strategies to break down barriers so we could capitalize on everyone’s strengths.”

—President of $4B Food Ingredient