Looking for and Starting a Board Role

Being chosen to serve on a Board of Directors is an opportunity to share all of your knowledge, insight and wisdom gained during your career.

Whether you have time to serve on one board or several, we’ll help you develop a strategy for board involvement and identify boards that match your target in the private and public sectors. And since research shows that more than 85% of board roles are identified and secured through high level networking, we will introduce you to executives and board members you need to know to become a viable and desirable candidate.

We understand the different roles boards play across a wide spectrum of industries and organizations. We know the process and timelines for board selection, the responsibilities of board members, terms of service, and compensation. We will be happy to share the many benefits of serving a board, the time commitment required, and how you can enrich your career with board work.


New Board members often retain us to help them begin their board role in a way that establishes their credibility and builds trust with other board members. We’ve also helped board members understand their roles as committee chairs, ascend to board leadership, and transition off of a board.


Our work with clients pursuing board work is highly customized. We look forward to hearing what you want to do and exploring how we can help.

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