Looking For A New Role

Looking For A New Role

Your time is valuable and is not best spent sitting behind a keyboard most of the day trying to uncover an opportunity on your own. When you engage Shields Meneley Partners, you won’t be doing that. We want you out in the market meeting with people, and networking beyond your normal circles. You need to remain highly visible and have more conversations in the right “rooms”. We will prepare you for these important meetings so that you can tell your story in a compelling way.

We do our best to always be available to you and are happy to meet regularly to review progress and discuss your frustrations and concerns. But we also believe in “straight talk”, so our meetings will be structured to ensure that we discuss your goals and are accountable for meeting them.

You will find that we become best friends during – and sometimes after — this challenging period in your life. Like any good friend, we will listen with complete empathy but also be candid when necessary because any true friendship needs both. At the end of the day, know this. We want exactly what you want for yourself and will do everything we can to help you achieve it.

What Our Clients Say:

“I lost out on a search for a significant CEO position.  Gail Meneley asked, ‘Shouldn’t we find out why?” That was my first taste of the “straight talk” model at the heart of Shields Meneley Partners.”

— CEO of a $12 Billion Global Company