Living A Portfolio Life

Living A Portfolio Life

For certain executives, a work-life structure called the Portfolio Life is a non-traditional option designed and customized to help achieve all of their life’s goals. The portfolio approach provides for meaningful work while at the same time provides flexibility – a constraint many clients see as being important for the stage of their life when their traditional career concludes. The impetus may vary spanning termination, retirement, family priorities, or simply the realization that it’s time for change.

Executives today do not see “retirement” in the tradition of past generations as a viable option. Retirement-age executives still feel they have a lot to offer, they wish to remain relevant and impactful while enjoying their newfound flexibility to travel, spend time with family and maintain mind and body wellness.

These individuals work for 30 or more years to provide business leadership and nurture their family unit. Now could be the time to move up in Maslow’s hierarchy, give back to society and one’s community, and feed the mind and body with the nourishment that can sustain for a long time and includes time for family and self.

We have discovered that over 95% of our C-Level clients have no idea what they are going to do when their corporate career concludes. As a result, many hang on to the only work style they know, missing the opportunity to continue adding value and purpose while working…in a different style.

You have options for your next or next-next chapter in life!


  • Executives who desire more flexibility in the next phase of their life
  • Executives who have had a career that has enabled them financially to reduce cash income requirements, perhaps to the point that they do not have to touch the nest egg until a later date
  • Anyone who can manage multiple priorities, not necessarily all at the same time, and has income flexibility i.e. not reliant on a regular paycheck with benefits. Some Portfolio Lifers benefit from an expert coach and/or a virtual administrative assistant to keep their lives in balance
  • It is possible to start a portfolio while working full time by “parking” other verticals, however, it would be almost impossible to achieve all the benefits of the portfolio while working at one full-time ongoing role

Sorting through the endless list of possibilities can be daunting but working with Shields Meneley Partners will change that. Much like a stock portfolio comprised of equities, Index Funds, real estate, and commodities, a portfolio life can contain a similar mix of things you enjoy.

A portfolio life isn’t random; it’s planned. Our experienced business advisors can help you determine what to keep in, and what to “sell” so that you have a happy and successful personal and professional life. Let us help you make it a reality.

What Our Clients Say:

“It didn’t occur to me that I could have more than one role after I left my organization. Hugh helped me see my options, research and structure a roadmap, and introduced me to his high level contacts. I am now on two public boards and one non-profit.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, $50B Global Corporation