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    LinkedIn Maximum Character Reference List

    No doubt like me you have struggled at times to edit that perfect phrase to fit the Twitter 140linkedin characters limit. You may have had the same experience with LinkedIn. The following is a reference list of how many characters, i.e. letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation) that LinkedIn allows for each field as of 2015.

    1. First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters.
    2. Professional Headline: 120 character limit.
    3. Summary: 2,000 character limit.
    4. LinkedIn Publisher Post Headline: 100 maximum characters (recommendation is 71)
    5. LinkedIn Publisher Post Body Text: 40,000 characters
    6. Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters.
    7. Website URL: 256 maximum characters.
    8. Vanity URL: 29 characters after
    9. Position Title: 100 character limit.
    10. Position Description: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum characters.
    11. Interests: 1,000 character limit.
    12. Additional Info / Advice for Contacting: 2,000 character limit.
    13. Phone number: 25 character limit *
    14. IM (Instant message): 25 character limit *
    15. Address: 1000 character limit *
    16. Skills: 61 characters per Skill.
    17. Company Name: 100 maximum characters.
    18. Company Page: 2000 maximum characters
    19. Company Update: 600 characters or 250 if including a link.
    20. LinkedIn Status Update: 600 maximum characters.
    21. Group Discussion Subject Title: 200 maximum characters.
    22. Group Discussion Subject ‘Add More Details’: 4,000 characters.

    * Only your 1st degree connections, can see this info.

    Also, this is a web tool which will count your characters for you.

    SMP Client Ted Hissey Joins Sword Performance Products as CMO, Thoroughbred Spirits Group as Director of Marketing
    SMP Client Philip Wojcik Appointed General Manager at PPG Industries