Lilly D’Angelo becomes CHIC Group as VP of R&D

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Career Transition, Client Placement | 0 comments

Shields Meneley Partners client Lilly D’Angelo has joined CHIC Group as VP of R&D. CHIC Group is a multi-national company based in Shanghai and was founded in 1997. lilly_ d'angeloCHIC Group’s 8 divisions span the fresh and processed food, pet snacks, supply chain management, home and garden, merchant banking and medical devices industries. CHIC is an entrepreneurial leader in China’s rapidly growing economy. Since its beginning, CHIC has been committed to the search for small enterprises with development potential. As an investor in start-up and developing companies, CHIC supports these enterprises with more than just capital. CHIC’s start-up investment strategy is to integrate the unique characteristics of the Chinese business environment with the development and management skills of a modern global enterprise; to establish and develop small companies with growth potential and help them to succeed in domestic and international operations and markets; and to continuously achieve an increase in capital return. Lilly’s extensive background as a scientist and business person and international breadth will be a tremendous asset to CHIC.