Life Planning

Life Planning

When top executives contemplate the future, they tend to focus primarily on financial concerns. We are not financial planners. But, your financial plan will only be relevant if it is built upon clear decisions about how and where you and your spouse want to live, the individual and mutual interests that you want to pursue, and what mark you want to leave on the world. With our experienced advisors as your guides, you will look back over the life you have shared, examine the crossroads where you may now find yourselves, and determine the direction you would like your lives to take in the future — as individuals and as a couple.


> Ensure that your view of “the future” is shared by your spouse


> Move forward with a plan that is clear, relevant to your needs today, and actionable


> Benefit by having exceptional facilitators lead and direct discussions about potentially sensitive issues in a confidential environment

What Our Clients Say:

“When my husband and I set our retirement dates, friends advised us to engage Shields Meneley Partners.  We thought we knew each other well, but learned so much about each other’s motivations and life goals that we hadn’t known before.  It was an experience that brought us even closer together.”

—Retired Federal Court Judge