Life Planning

There are different points in someone’s life when it is time to plan for the future. It may be triggered by an impending empty nest, a recent health scare, planned or forced retirement, or the desire to do something else with your life.

Most of us have thought about “the future” in general terms, or perhaps even talked to our spouses or partners about it. You may even have met with your investment advisor or financial planner to discuss the implications of certain decisions facing you.

But we have learned that when that decision point comes, it is also sobering and a little scary because it is complex, fraught with emotion, and not something that most of us can handle by ourselves. You need a process and objective advisors to facilitate the creation of a life plan that represents the desires and objectives of both partners, which might include.

  1. Spending more time with your children or grandchildren
  2. Making arrangements for the care and support of aging parents
  3. Buying a second home in a location you agree upon
  4. Pursuing broader philanthropic efforts that you agree upon
  5. Having an impact on the world or leaving a legacy

Shields Meneley Partners has designed a life planning process to help you and your spouse talk specifically about what you want to achieve together and individually in your next chapter, what goals you share and where the differences might be, and sensitive points that may have blocked discussion in the past.

We are there as your individual advocates to ensure that both partners’ needs are heard and addressed and that compromises result in a win/win for both. What once felt like a huge undertaking is replaced by a feeling of security and comfort because the vague picture is replaced by planning and action.

Let’s get started.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a highly successful financial executive for a global bank and am now a gallery owner. Shields Meneley Partners helped me realize that integrating one’s values, life, and career was worth any risk it demanded.”

— An International Finance Executive