Life Planning Package

Life Planning Package

In some cases, executives are already thinking about what the next stage of their career looks like – but are they thinking about the next “next”? That is, are they planning for not only the next career move, but also the one after that? Have they considered what their life as a whole will resemble during that later phase?

No wonder life planning is an integral part of the experience for so many executives who engage with Shields Meneley Partners. Even the smartest, highest level executives have rarely given any serious thought to it.

We believe it is a very appropriate conversation to have with executives and their partners from practically any point in a career — including the end of one. Here’s why: The reality is the lives of executive couples have often moved in parallel for a very long time, converging occasionally on weekends or during vacations. Fast forward to the moment when the executive is suddenly terminated.

We now have a situation where that person is home far more often, creating a very different dynamic at home. This “forced convergence” can either be a crisis, or a unique opportunity for us to help the couple plan for the future. We encourage executives to invite spouses and adult children to participate in these assessments because we’re here to support the entire family during this important transition.

Life Planning Beyond the Succession Pipeline

Life planning isn’t just for seasoned executives who find themselves suddenly exiting a company. It’s also for those who feel they can’t ascend any higher in the organization and see their path to succession blocked.

That’s where Shields Meneley Partners encourages them to step back, breathe, and consider a future path that can take many different forms – perhaps including a road less travelled.

Reflects Positively on the Organization

As you can imagine, life planning helps form deep relationships between the client and our advisors. In the course of ongoing candid conversations, a bond is often formed that lasts long after the executive moves into a new stage of their career and life.

Life Planning has such a powerful impact on executives that they frequently report back to their former organization to thank them for the experience that Shields Meneley Partners provided.

Considering it’s the same organization that exited them, this speaks volumes about the quality of our services.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a highly successful financial executive for a global bank and am now a gallery owner. Shields Meneley Partners helped me realize that integrating one’s values, life, and career was worth any risk it demanded.”

— An International Finance Executive