Letters from Home

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In this recently published book by David and Andrea Reiser fifteen basic American virtues are explored that help develop individual success and make the United States a strong country. Written in the form of letters to their four sons, each chapter includes profiles of exceptional “real people” — the authors’ wealth management clients, friends, and neighbors — who not only highlight the factors that they believe are essential to living the good life, but also serve as an inspiration for the reader.

The Reisers believe that some of the most basic virtues and values of our country are not taught to our children and modeled by their parents. Instead of our work ethic having a foundation of responsibility, dignity and respect, they believe that often what is modeled is the desire for individual entitlement. The authors’ concern is that if we continue to move away from those cultural traits that helped our country become so dominant, America’s standing in the world will surely fall.

Some of the topics of the book are:

  • Learn that adversity can make you stronger through learning how to become more resilient
  • Using your moral compass as a guide in your life can be real, not merely some philosophical notion
  • Be responsible for your actions, rather than blaming others for your difficulties, will make you stronger and more influential
  • Be gracious, emphasize your blessings brings depth to your living

David and Andrea, who are friends of mine (I’m also quoted on page 108 in the chapter on Resilience & Accountability), are strong advocates for each of us to be responsible for how we live our lives and what we teach our children. They believe that it is not too late, but we must emphasize these fifteen values in our life NOW. They passionately argue that it is our responsibility not only to future generations of Americans, but to help us in the present connect with our collective past. By doing so, we will experience what truly leads to success, prosperity, and fulfillment.

I encourage you to purchase this wonderful book, you will find it at Amazon. The Reisers are contributing 100% of the royalties from the publication of this book to three personally meaningful organizations: Share Our Strength (www.strength.org), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (www.mskcc.org), and FORCE (www.facingourrisk.org).