When you walk through the door at Shields Meneley Partners, you will find that we have made no assumptions about you. We will listen so that we fully understand what brought you in to see us and the major challenges you are facing.

We will ask our fair share of questions, too. Like, such as: what are you most concerned about right now? How are you feeling about recent events? Are you worried about financial issues? Are family members and close friends aware of what has happened, or are you looking for advice on how to handle those delicate conversations?

As we learn more about your values, priorities and goals, we can explain how the many ways we can support you. This is only the first of many conversations that will lay the groundwork for defining exactly what you might want to do next.

You have had a very successful career, otherwise or you wouldn’t “qualify” for our services. You’ll understand that your past doesn’t necessarily define your future, and that recent events only represent a speed bump in that long record of success. Taking this time to step away for a while, you’ll find renewed excitement about what the future might hold for you. We’ve witnessed this emotional pivot with one client after another and are absolutely certain it will happen with you, too.

If this initial conversation feels comfortable to for both of us, we’ll start to talk about what next steps together might look like.

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What Our Clients Say:

“As a CEO, I needed the Board’s advice on strategy, not operations. It’s amazing how quickly problems can be surfaced and resolved with an outside facilitator listening and translating what everyone needs. Gail Meneley made it look easy.”

— CEO of a $150M Technology Company