Improving Team Performance

Improving Team Performance

A growing company in a major urban center just completed a merger and appointed a first-time CEO. The combined organization has teams with different competencies. There is a fair amount of uncertainty about which team members will be a part of the new organization, how to gracefully exit those who aren’t, and questions about how to align the team to take advantage of the synergies that led to the merger.

It may not happen overnight, but it does happen with the advice and counsel of Shields Meneley Partners.

A customized assessment process for executives and teams identifies cultural differences and surfaces conflicts among team members. We report collectively on the team and the major challenges that need to be resolved. As we drill down, we coach individual members and attend team meetings to observe people in action.

Some executives have forgotten the basics of management and leadership such as how to hold people accountable, give constructive feedback, and recognize successes. Others may have never been given the opportunity to learn those basics because they were promoted because of functional expertise.

No matter where team members are in their careers, whether at the highest levels or middle management, Shields Meneley Partners can help each individual catch up to certain peers who may be further along in their career development and align teams with the organization’s strategy.

Improvement for the individual, for the team and for the organization.
All from one strong resource.

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What Our Clients Say:

“We had two exceptional candidates among the senior team who were also my peers. It just made sense to go outside to experts who could ensure an objective result that no one could question.”

— Chief Human Resource Officer, $3B Telecom Company