Getting Ready

Program Kickoff

With a confirmed engagement, the “Getting Ready” portion of your process leads off with extensive executive assessment, a half day of feedback with an organizational psychologist and your advisor. Follow that meeting, you will have a half day Strategy & Marketing Plan meeting, which will serve as your transition roadmap.

We know that high level executives rarely receive honest feedback from their CEO or their Board. That’s unfortunate. We all need to learn more about ourselves to grow, and confidential, empathetic, candid feedback from advisors who care can be life-changing.

The assessments provide the kind of insight that brings you face-to-face with your greatest strengths and abilities – and some blind spots that may need to be developed in our work together.

It’s here where we begin to think about your life from a fresh perspective.

Customized Marketing Materials

Beyond assisting you with the most targeted resume and cover letters to introduce you to the market, the Shields Meneley team provides solid training on how to best utilize LinkedIn and other social media channels to help you learn about and penetrate the online world that is pivotal to any
successful brand strategy.

With the foundation in place, t’s time to put the next element of our process in motion:
Getting Out There.

What Our Clients Say:

“Fifteen years ago you could pick up the phone and call a friend about joining his/her board. It’s a different world today. Candidates are more diverse, experience is more prescribed, and it takes a firm like Shields Meneley Partners to help you make your way through the process.”

— Former CFO of a $750M CPG Company