Getting Out There

Targeted Mailings and Introductions 

Getting out there can be a very public process or a highly confidential one if you’re still working in an organization. In both cases, Shields Meneley will help you clarify your goal, differentiate your brand, and prepare you for important interviews and conversations with introductions to specific recruiters, private equity firms, and key decision makers in companies within our network.

Research and Client Services Support

We promise you will be fully prepared for any interview or conversation. Our research associates work for you. They will do a deep dive and provide research reports on industries, target companies, organizational culture and structure, executive teams and board of directors. You’ll be well informed and have confidence going in to important meetings. Our client service support team also works for you and is responsive to any needs that may arise during your transition.

Search Activities

Most of us aren’t aware of how we come across to others, or what speech patterns may be interfering with communication. You may be comfortable selling organizational capabilities, but not your own. We believe in the importance of storytelling, and we will help you tell your own in an interesting and compelling way. Prior to networking, you will experience a videotaped mock interview conducted by a senior executive, board member, or search executive who will provide candid and constructive feedback.

You’ve moved along your path of transition from getting ready to getting out there. Now it’s time for us to take the final step together and embrace your New Beginning.

What Our Clients Say:

“I lost out on a search for a significant CEO position. Gail Meneley asked, ‘Shouldn’t we find out why?” That was my first taste of the “straight talk” model at the heart of Shields Meneley Partners.”

— CEO of a $12 Billion Global Company