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    Five Signs It Is Time for a Job Change

    When someone asks how do I know if it is time for them to change their job, I ask them what is not going well for them.

    1. Most days where you have no energy and Sunday nights you have recurring dread.

    The speed at which Sunday night rolls around can make you shake your poor wall clock with fervent wrath. If you lose sleep over the thought of going to work in the morning, it may be time to pack up with the little shred of sanity you have left.

    2. Your future seems dim and shadowy

    When you think about the future of your career, is it full of potential and promise or do you see the shadow of who you used to be gnawing on the edge of your desk?

    If you no longer have any excitement about your future with a company or in a certain career path, evaluate the reason behind this and make some changes.

    3. Your passion is waning

    Do you still believe the work you’re doing serves an important or worthwhile purpose? If your relationship with work has transitioned to a tedious and soul-sucking exchange, you don’t do yourself any favors by agreeing to stay for the sake of the foosball table in the break room.

    4. A monkey could do your job

    When your talent isn’t valued by your employer, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated, and any loyalty gets shoved right down the grinding disposal. Never allow your work to be taken for granted, especially if your boss has a tendency to compare your work to a trained chimp’s.

    5. You’re trapped in a box

    Do you feel as if your professional growth is being stunted? If you’re dissatisfied and unfulfilled with your opportunities for growth, you do yourself a disservice by sticking with your job. The ability to challenge yourself and expand your skills is a necessity if you want to offer value to future employers and advance your career.

    6. You can see a cultural that is filled with distrust, tension and unhappiness.

    Employers that aren’t transparent with their employees and deliver false promises can make it difficult to develop a sense of trust in the workplace. A healthy work environment is something that can’t be understated.

    If you have to dodge flying plastic bulls and the ignoramus in the sales department on your way to the water fountain, it may be a sign of a corrupted company culture.

    8. You’re working for peanutsWhat matters most to you when it comes to your career may not be entirely focused on salary, but you should be sufficiently compensated for your work. Whether this comes in the form of professional development opportunities, bonuses, benefits or promotions, make sure you’re sufficiently rewarded for your contributions.

    9. You’re consumed by envy

    Do you find yourself smiling like the Cheshire cat to mask your jealousy as your friends or family members tell you about the joys of their work? If you feel this way, it’s a strong indicator you may want to look into changing companies or even your line of work.

    10. You’re a stranger in the mirror

    If you’re unable to be your authentic self at work, you’re headed down a sinister and disturbing path. Y


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