Exploring Options

Exploring Options

If you are like many of our clients, you have too many career options, not too few. This “fog of options” is made even more difficult because you see them all as having equal value. Clearly this isn’t the case. Some have higher risk than others in terms of compensation, stability, structure of the company or the role, or strain on the family. They don’t have equal value.

This is when an experienced thought partner can be of significant help.

Shields Meneley Partners advisors can work with you to evaluate each option, weigh them against your personality and initial goals, and assess if they are directionally on target.

Once you complete the assessment, we will know a lot about the roles and cultures where you will be successful. As a result, we may challenge you to consider options that aren’t on your list, or encourage you to drop others because the data may not support those options.

After you complete the Shields Meneley Partners process, you may ultimately find yourself in a vastly different, rewarding role in a vastly different company or industry.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a highly successful financial executive for a global bank and am now a gallery owner. Shields Meneley Partners helped me realize that integrating one’s values, life, and career was worth any risk it demanded.”

— An International Finance Executive