Exiting Team Members

C-suite leadership tenure averages just under four years.

When that time comes, no matter the reason, our corporate clients use us to help create a smooth transition for the individual leader and the organization.

Our Approach

This ten-step personalized process yields consistently positive results:

1An executive assessment for the departing leader – comprehensive, in- depth, personal learning that can be applied in the next role.
2Creation of a comprehensive transition strategy and marketing plan.
3 Creating or enhancing their personal brand through sophisticated marketing collateral and communication.
4Targeting future opportunities with the help of a sophisticated information analyst who finds industries, organizations and roles that match each client’s profile.
5Introducing the executive to search firms, private equity firms, and potential employers about roles that match their future target.
6Review and negotiation of their next contract to ensure they are adequately protected in times of change.
7Creation of a detailed 100 Day action plan to promote mutual understanding of key deliverables and how performance will be measured.
8A comprehensive compensation study to ensure that market compensation is achieved.
9Coaching during their first 100 days to discuss what they are learning and how they are performing against plan.
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