Exiting Senior Team Members

Exiting Senior Team Members

Statistics show that C-suite tenure averages just under four years. With that number in mind, there will be a time when every organization needs to transition a top executive. When the time comes, no matter the reason, corporate clients turn to us to create a smooth transition for the individual leader and the organization.

Our Approach

> A comprehensive executive assessment to lead to greater insight, a comprehensive transition strategy, and a sophisticated marketing campaign to promote the executive’s unique brand in various media.


> Expanding the executive’s network to include search firms, private equity firms, and potential employers and targeting future opportunities with the help of a sophisticated information analyst.


> When an executive lands in a new role, we provide an employment lawyer to review contracts; conduct a compensation study; create an OnBoarding Plan to define key deliverables, performance measures and timelines; and provide coaching during the first 100 days.

What Our Clients Say:

“When I was named CEO of a $4 billion public company, succession planning was non-existent. Gail and Hugh executed a corporate Leadership Development Program with our top 10 executives and 11 ‘high potentials’. Their work led to us hitting EBITDA goals for the first time in 10 years and taking the company from #3 to #1 in the market.”

—Vice President, Health Care