Exiting a Seasoned Executive

Exiting a Seasoned Executive

When you are releasing top executives, you find yourselves in an unpredictable environment fraught with history, emotion and relationships.

It is our job to make the transition process as comfortable as possible. With as little as two hours’ notice, we can be on site to help communicate the decision.

We need a briefing of the executive’s background and some understanding of the expected reaction to the separation. To make the handoff to our advisor a warmer one, we may also be present during the termination meeting.

Whether one of our advisors is in the room during a separation notification, or standing by to engage, Shields Meneley Partners is the essential “safety net” to help the executive absorb the immediate experience. We then have a quiet discussion about next steps and how we can help them with the Getting Ready, Getting Out There and New Beginning model that has been so helpful to other executives.

What Our Clients Say:

“Fifteen years ago you could pick up the phone and call a friend about joining his/her board. It’s a different world today. Candidates are more diverse, experience is more prescribed, and it takes a firm like Shields Meneley Partners to help you make your way through the process.”

— Former CFO of a $750M CPG Company