Executive Transition

Executive Transition

If the experience of separating from an executive is not handled well, a company can take what is already a very challenging situation and make it far worse for all parties involved. It just doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, when you turn to Shields Meneley Partners, you’ll be surprised to find that the toughest of moments can actually be an opportunity for your organization to communicate some of its best qualities.

More than conveying compassion and care, we’ll work with your executives in transition to create a customized plan that rebuilds their confidence, with an eye toward ultimately exciting them on the possibilities to come.

For the seasoned executive, Shields Meneley Partners offers a time-tested process and support structure that ensures those in transition move from grappling with self-doubt and fear to a mindset of Getting Ready, Getting Out There and finding their New Beginning. Not every organization may put this much thought into helping a departing executive find a path that reinvigorates them so significantly. Of course, when you select Shields Meneley Partners, you will be conveying that the organization is willing to support the executive through a difficult time of transition.

External Company Image. We have learned that there are only “two degrees of separation” at the top of Corporate America. Many senior executives stay in the community where they begin their search and/or return to the industry from which they came. Executives often land in the corporate world where they can influence your brand. It is important that you maintain that goodwill so that they will speak positively of the company in future decision-making roles.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a top financial executive who decided to pursue an entirely new career in furniture design fueled by my international travel. Pursuing a dream is worth any risk. I couldn’t have done it without Shields Meneley Partners.”

—Owner of a Scandinavian Antique Gallery