Executive Transition Process

Executive Transition Process

It’s hard for an executive to process a transition, especially one they may have never seen coming. At Shields Meneley Partners, we completely understand.

When an executive has so many unanswered questions, we provide answers about our role and how we will help them move forward successfully. We can reduce the potential for conflict by providing context, structure, and the support of a dedicated team of professionals.

Naturally, having just met someone, we don’t start with specific assumptions or recommendations. Instead, we communicate our unique process:

    1. Getting Ready
    2. Getting Out There
    3. New Beginning

Executives are surprised to learn just how much farther Shields Meneley Partners goes to ensure the seasoned executive is completely covered, from start to finish. Deep executive assessment. Strategy and marketing plan. Customized marketing materials. Targeted mailings. Extensive research. Introductions to recruiters, private equity firms and companies within our network. Interview preparation. Networking advice.

Suddenly, executives who felt all alone discover that they have an entire network of advisors and senior executives, all of whom are lined up to help them.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a top financial executive who decided to pursue an entirely new career in furniture design fueled by my international travel. Pursuing a dream is worth any risk. I couldn’t have done it without Shields Meneley Partners.”

—Owner of a Scandinavian Antique Gallery