Executive Team Intervention

Executive Team Intervention

There are often rifts among members of the senior operating team, between the executive team and the CEO, or between the CEO and members of the board. If those problems can’t be resolved internally, we are called in to assess the issues and recommend solutions. We break through the impasse, facilitate difficult discussions, and coach the Board and the Leadership team on ways to avoid future breakdowns in understanding. If you are experiencing or anticipating this situation with your senior team, we are happy to discuss potential solutions with you.


> Create an environment where honest communication can take place


> Rely on an experienced facilitator to “read between the lines” to identify the sources of friction


> Determine “decision rights,” accountability, and consequences going forward

What Our Clients Say:

“As a new Board Chair I struggled with how to take on existing power bases. Assesing board performance as a whole provided air cover to take that on.”

—CEO of a Growing Tech Start-Up