Executive Team Intervention

Executive Team Intervention

There are times in organizations when the once-smooth waters feel choppy and chaotic. Internal tribes can be formed right under the CEO’s nose.

Following a merger, two very specific cultures have to align around the strategy and communicate that shared vision to everyone in the organization. The newly combined entity must gain a sense of what they value and what they don’t.

It’s here where Shields Meneley can help executive teams move beyond the financial and operational integration to focus on the people side of the success equation.

  • Who will embrace the new vision for the company?
  • Who is critical to the company’s success and who isn’t?
  • How do you identify high potentials and create development plans to position them for future success?
  • How do you lead the merged team in a positive, collaborative way?

We can help resolve internal conflicts and cultural issues with the executive team, and align new executive teams with the board of directors.

Boards of Directors typically meet quarterly or six times a year which makes it hard to bring them up to speed on strategy and priorities. We facilitate discussions between the CEO and the Board so they can make informed decisions that reinforce the strategy. Executive teams and boards meet less frequently, but we view such meetings as an opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the table.

What Our Clients Say:

“The CEO of a public company began to act erratically and was out of touch for longer periods of time. It was clear that the Board had to take action. I brought in Shields Meneley Partners to help the Board manage through this very sensitive situation.”

— Confidential Board Advisor and Chair of a Global Law Firm