Executive Coaching and Development

Executive Coaching and Development

There are no quick fixes to developing effective leaders. Coaches observe, critique, and reinforce effective behavior, allowing executives to practice and apply new approaches in business situations where the pressure is real, the reaction is immediate, and they are accountable for the outcome. Demonstrating coaching ROI involves identifying gaps, describing how those gaps impact corporate performance, and establishing goals, timelines, and expected outcomes. We partner with organizations to support executives who are critical to the success of the business. It’s often the best and the brightest who benefit most from working with a senior coach who reinforces the need for focus and warns against becoming distracted by urgent yet unimportant issues. Executives need confidential, objective counsel to weigh critical strategic options. Our unique approach that combines “straight talk” and empathy allows Shields Meneley Partners to create a relationship that has a positive, long-lasting impact on executive success.

Our coaching process focuses on linking executive behavior to business results. It is about maximizing human capital to lead organizations – and attracting and retaining the best and the brightest. Again, we work with top executives, their direct reports, and high potential talent viewed as future leaders of the organization. Because our coaches have all held senior operating roles with full P&L responsibility, we bring relevant business experience, objectivity and confidentiality to what can be a difficult process of self-disclosure and learning. We observe measure, critique, model, and reinforce behaviors to make executives more effective. We identify behavioral gaps, describe how those gaps impact corporate performance, and establish goals, timelines, and expected outcomes for our work with the individual and the organization. We serve as trusted confidants and advisors who help individuals work through business and leadership challenges.

What Our Clients Say:

“My Shields Meneley Partners’ coach was instrumental in helping me transition to the CEO role in my company. Not only did he help me define the expectations of the Board, he was a thoughtful and confidential conversation partner throughout the process.”

— CEO of a $500M Public Company