Every Top Executive Needs a Confidential Advisor

Every Top Executive Needs a Confidential Advisor

As a CEO you have all of the answers, right? Wrong. Not if you’re human. As former CEOs ourselves, we remember those long nights grappling with major issues without anyone to talk to who was objective and didn’t have a hidden agenda. You need to clarify your own thoughts and develop a strategy before you share your concerns with your executive team or the Board. We can help you clarify your options, increase your confidence in your own judgment, and help you work through other business and people challenges.


> Identify a professional coach with the right business and leadership experience


> Develop a confidential relationship with a coach with whom you can be honest about your challenges and concerns


> Benefit from the coach’s past experience with similar issues to avoid expensive mistakes

What Our Clients Say:

“I lost out on a search for a significant CEO position.  Gail Meneley asked, ‘Shouldn’t we find out why?” That was my first taste of the “straight talk” model at the heart of Shields Meneley Partners.”

—CEO of a $12 Billion Global Company