Don Delves Discussion On “What You – as an Executive – Need to Know About Executive Compensation”

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Networking | 0 comments

Don Delves is one of the most experienced and well known executive compensation consultants in the country. Don spoke at this month’s client networking lunch and covered current trends and hot issues in executive compensation, as well as new regulations on the horizon. He answered questions on compensation, including what affects compensation levels, different compensation vehicles and features, and even tips on negotiation.

Don  is a Director in the Executive Compensation Line of Business and specializes in advising family and closely held businesses. Don is a leading expert and highly sought-after consultant and speaker on corporate governance and executive pay and performance, with over twenty-five years’ experience consulting with major corporate boards and executive teams across the country. Don leads Willis Towers Watson’s Closely Held Business Practice and is a recognized expert on principles-based corporate governance, incentive design, performance measurement and value creation.

Shields Meneley Partners would like to thank Don Delves, our clients, and our staff for making the luncheon a success.