Carter Elenz becomes President of Orgain

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Career Transition, Client Placement | 0 comments

Carter Elenz, a client of Shields Meneley Partners, has been appointed President of Orgain. This company is a mission based, healthy product business. Orgain is the world’s first doctor developed organic ready-to-drink meal replacement. The drinks are made with organic protein, complex carbohydrates, and organic fruits. It was founded by Dr. Andrew Abraham, a young physician and cancer survivor, who developed a healthier version of a Nutritional Shake than conventional brands because he felt he needed it for his recovery. After medical residency, instead of going into medical practice, he started this business. The products come in versions for adults, children and they have a vegan drink. They recently launched an exciting 25 g protein/3g carb organic protein powder for people with active lifestyles.

Mr. Elenz has had industry experience through President and Executive Vice-President roles in Sales and Marketing spanning traditional, lifestyle and specialty consumer products in the food/beverage, health-wellness, high-tech and household categories. Carter has expertise in corporate and shareholder value creation, change management and effective leadership in both early-stage and Fortune 500 environments. He is particularly passionate about a company’s mission and wants consumers to personally benefit from their products.  Over the years he has achieved an unparalleled record of business transformation of specialty CPG businesses – Gardenburger, Stonyfield Farm and Seventh Generation – where he has helped them achieve valuations beyond expectations experiencing 100% – 500% growth. These companies became icons of successful crossover from niche into mainstream consumer markets.