Candidate Selection

Candidate Selection

The process for selecting the very best candidate doesn’t start and end with the question, “Does this person have the skills and competencies needed in this role?” Although we are good at assessing these factors, companies and search firms are, too.

So, Shields Meneley Partners relentlessly focuses on everything else. We want to know whether candidates are genuinely interested in your company and the role, and how well they fit the culture.

It is relatively simple to draw from a customized set of assessment tools to measure particular competencies and characteristics. It is much harder to assess motivations, values, risk tolerance, and leadership. That is where we do our best work.

What Our Clients Say:

“I was a top financial executive who decided to pursue an entirely new career in furniture design fueled by my international travel. Pursuing a dream is worth any risk. I couldn’t have done it without Shields Meneley Partners.”

— Owner of a Scandinavian Antique Gallery