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    The Daily Grind

    C-Suite Turnover Declines

    February saw a number of surprising changes in executive turnover as tracked by Liberum Research.  Unlike previous months, Liberum registered declines in all four key categories, CEOs, CFOs, All C-level, and Board of Directors.  They have not seen this level of a drop since the financial crisis back in 2008. For February 2015 declines in turnover occured in all the top four positions. For example, CEO changes declined 11% from February a year earlier and CFO changes declined 27%. Overall, C-level changes declined 6% and board of director changes declined 7%. Their industry sector analysis showed that C-level changes occurred the greatest in Drugs/Biotech, Energy and Banking. Liberum believes the drop is an outlier and will not continue as we move into the early spring.  
    Liberum has the largest database of C-level executive change at public companies.  For more information contact Richard Jacovitz of Liberum Research
    Passing of Don Perkins
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