Board Performance Improvement

Board Performance Improvement

In addition to aligning boards with executive teams, Shields Meneley works directly with boards to assess the board function and identify key issues that may be preventing boards from accomplishing their goals.

Sometimes boards conduct their own self-evaluation. It is often evaluation “lite” since taking this on with your peers can be loaded with personal and political minefields. Our role is to assess the board individually and collectively for the greater good.

Boards often develop more trusting and collaborative relationships. They manage their own succession processes smoothly. They achieve more of the goals they set for themselves. Shields Meneley Partners also works with board members who genuinely want to understand the board’s expectations so they can make a genuine contribution.

What Our Clients Say:

“As a CEO, I needed the Board’s advice on strategy, not operations. It’s amazing how quickly problems can be surfaced and resolved with an outside facilitator listening and translating what everyone needs. Gail Meneley made it look easy.”

— CEO of a $150M Technology Company