Board Performance Improvement

Board Performance Improvement

Boards are comprised of very senior, accomplished leaders whose positive qualities sometimes interfere with effective collaboration. Clients hire our peer level advisors to evaluate current board performance, identify and quantify performance gaps, and recommend changes to increase accountability and alignment. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your board’s performance.


> Identify peer groups where board members can openly share mutual governance challenges


> Design and facilitate a retreat for the board and the executive team to strengthen communication and clarify strategic direction


> Define regular operating dashboards to keep board members apprised of key performance metrics

What Our Clients Say:

“As a CEO, I needed the Board’s advice on strategy, not operations. It’s amazing how quickly problems can be surfaced and resolved with an outside facilitator listening and translating what everyone needs.  Gail Meneley made it look easy.”

—CEO of a $150M Technology Company