Board Development

Board Development

Many top executives want to move on from an operating role to a Board role. They believe that they have relevant experience to share and want to continue to add value. But, board seats are highly coveted. The market is competitive, the search demanding, and the process nuanced. It’s a lengthy, sophisticated process. We can help.

> Assess whether you have the relevant experience and personality to be successful in an increasingly complex, collaborative governance role

> Develop your strategy to identify appropriate boards — public, private, large, small — that will benefit from someone with your background

> Integrate your high level network with ours to connect with others on those boards

What Our Clients Say:

“Fifteen years ago you could pick up the phone and call a friend about joining his/her board.  It’s a different world today. Candidates are more diverse, experience is more prescribed, and it takes a firm like Shields Meneley Partners to help you make your way through the process.”

— Former CFO of a $750M CPG Company