Assess Leadership Capabilities

Assess Leadership Capabilities

There is a difference between general management skills and leadership skills. General management focuses on tactical execution of functions and processes. Leadership focuses on strategy and vision. Your ability to manage the “hows and whats”, and to communicate the “whys” and “what it means” can ignite the performance of your organization. We can help.


Our Approach


> Endorse and launch executive assessment and follow-up coaching initiative with existing leaders


> Measure the likelihood of success based on current performance expectations and existing competencies


> Identify individual and team development opportunities to fill performance gaps


> Support ongoing coaching with goals, timelines and performance measures

What Our Clients Say:

“I lost out on a search for a significant CEO position.  Gail Meneley asked, ‘Shouldn’t we find out why?” That was my first taste of the “straight talk” model at the heart of Shields Meneley Partners.”

—CEO of a $12 Billion Global Company