Align Senior Leaders

Align Senior Leaders

If the senior team doesn’t share the same vision or define success in the same way, you have a problem. Trust quickly erodes and the organization forms unbreachable silos. Stakeholders reward or punish overall corporate performance, and if one division exceeds goals and another underperforms, nobody wins. We’d like to help you.


Our Approach


> Launch a leadership development initiative with a trusted, respected, executive coaching firm that focuses on business results


> Ensure that facilitators/coaches have had requisite business and leadership experience and are certified coaches


> Schedule an off-site retreat that includes assessment of individual and team competencies


> Clarify the current organizational strategy and financial performance


> Reinforce appropriate management and leadership behaviors by providing follow up coaching to team members to add with learning and the process of self-disclosure

What Our Clients Say:

“I lost out on a search for a significant CEO position.  Gail Meneley asked, ‘Shouldn’t we find out why?” That was my first taste of the “straight talk” model at the heart of Shields Meneley Partners.”

—CEO of a $12 Billion Global Company