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Articles and Blog

Over the years, we’ve served more than 1,600 top executives. Along the way, we’ve learned a great deal about what leads to success…and failure. We are pleased to share our insights with you in articles and our Blog. We also feature the related writing of some of our clients.

"The Right Stuff": in The Deal -- the weekly magazine that focuses on corporate dealmaking, M&A, private capital, restructurings, and IPO financing, "The Right Stuff" focuses on the need for PE firms to perform more extensive due diligence on the executives they hire for portfolio companies to reduce the risks associated with costly CEO/executive turnover. Five key questions that will help firms determine whether a particular executive has 'the right stuff' to succeed in a private equity environment.

"How 'rising stars' become boardworthy": Whether you are a top executive who has already achieved a high level of professional success or an up and coming talent there are opportunities to join corporate boards if you possess distinguishing qualities. This article examines five attributes which boards look for when selecting new members and shares the success stories of two rising stars.

"Now What? Tips for a Director's First 100 Days": The first few months as a new Board Director can be daunting, especially if there are no orientation programs intact to aid in the initiating process. This article walks new directors through their first 100 days, providing tips on observing existing relationships and power structures to build strong relationships with fellow Board members.

"When I retire, we are going to . . . ": Executives who have spent years in a structured business environment often fail to look beyond the financial parameters of retirement planning and invest in life planning for their future. Retirement is an important transitional period that provides couples with the opportunity to share dreams and create new goals. This article stresses the benefits of putting thought and effort into planning for the future and provides helpful topics for executives to consider when preparing for their retirement.

"Heeding the siren's song": Many executives opt to pursue entrepreneurial work when they are faced with career transition. This article analyzes the reasons behind the trend, explaining the various factors that ultimately draw executives to this line of work.

"What makes a senior executive an entrepreneur?": Entrepreneurial work is an enticing venture, but the attributes that divide executives who choose this line of work from those who choose corporate positions may be surprising. This article challenges the common notion that entrepreneurs are highly extroverted, or that people who pursue this line of work possess similar personality traits, and reveals the actual qualities that executives turned entrepreneurs have in common.

"Rock, paper, scissors": Although senior executives make decisions that are critical to the success of their businesses, they often lack a trustworthy confidant with whom to address concerns or receive unbiased feedback. This article illustrates the vast benefits that executive coaching provides not only to individual executives but to the entire company.

"I'm a CEO . . . I don't need outplacement": With the short tenure of CEOs, the prospect of career transition is nearly inevitable. This article analyzes the most common reasons CEOs fail to take advantage of career transition services and outlines the vast benefits of selecting a firm that specializes in executive clientele.

"Finding the right firm": Career transition is unfamiliar territory for many top executives. Selecting a firm that meets individual needs and aspirations is vital to a successful transition. This article provides insightful questions for an executive to consider before interviewing with outside firms as well as during the interviewing process.

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