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Don’t Retire, Evolve

  When your 50th birthday passes, there are some changes that get set in motion. For one, you start getting AARP magazines – which is quite the splash of cold water for many of us. For another, the company you work for starts hinting about impending retirement. That’s fair – after all, most people do […]

Career Changes Are Like Farming

group of executives networking

When you’re searching for the next thing, it’s normal to feel impatient. Every point of contact feels like hope, and it can be crushing to not hear anything back. You can almost imagine yourself as one of your ancestors, with a bow and arrow, stalking a prize – and you know that if you stay […]

Why Don’t More Women Own Private Equity Firms?

by Gail R. Meneley, Co-Founder and Principal I am working with a number of exceptional women with successful careers in public and private companies, and are now focusing on private equity as their next stop.  They are targeting CEO roles in portfolio companies with revenues from $250M to $1B.  Each has held the title of […]

How to Turn on the Light During a “Dark Period”

Our post on February 8 looked at what we call a “dark period” during a job search and why it might occur. Now, we are going to discuss the ten steps that you can take when you enter this type of period. (Again, we call a “dark period” as when you seem to be the prime […]

What Does ‘Business Casual’ Actually Mean?

“Business casual” has taken on a lot of different meanings, and it often depends who your audience is. Shields Meneley Partners Executive Coach Bob Ryan has been a top HR executive for over 25 years and stresses the importance of knowing your audience when you are dressing for a professional event. When going to a […]

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It: Meditate Your Way to a Job

Your past job may have been stressful, but you probably find that you are still stressed out as you search for a new job. Stress can cause a variety of health problems like high blood pressure, but it can also raise your cholesterol according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Mindfulness, an intentional focus on […]

Why Does a “Dark” Period Happen During a Job Search?

Sometimes a client tells us that a job search had been proceeding well — the recruiter liked them, maybe they even were interviewed by the company — then, for no apparent reason, communication with the recruiter or potential company has stopped. The search seems to have gone from great to bad! Understandably, the executive is […]

Brand New You: How to Market Yourself During a Job Search

Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden recently joined up with Ferrara Candy’s Trolli brand, adding to his portfolio of 10 endorsement partners. As one of the NBA’s highest-paid players both on and off the court, he is clearly a sought-after athlete and spokesperson. Trolli’s advertising tagline is “Weirdly Awesome,” and it fits Harden. He has […]

Networking, Like Kissing Frogs, is Necessary for a Happy Ending

A recent PC Mag article explored the idea that highly skilled computers and robots may one day handle jobs now held by humans, and we may very soon become obsolete. Although advances in technology are impressive (as anyone who has seen one of the commercials featuring IBM’s Watson knows), those searching for a job should still […]

Making a Quick and Easy Personal Website Using your LinkedIn Profile

When in a job search it’s all about being found. Perhaps, you have thought of increasing your online presence through various social media platforms or a Blog (see my post about this on our website). The link to this article discusses the idea of using your LinkedIn profile to quickly set up a personal website. […]

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